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Orange Sunshine

Trailer for the upcoming documentary on the Brotherhood of Eternal Love

Orange Sunshine, the true story of Orange County’s Brotherhood of Eternal Love, also known as the Hippie Mafia.  The movie depicts the unbelievable rise and fall of Timothy Leary’s legendary cult–which started as a group of Laguna Beach surfers and quickly became the world’s largest acid, hash and marijuana distribution network.
The group’s headquarters, a Laguna Beach head shop called Mystic Arts World, mysteriously burned down in 1970, and two years later, law enforcement indicted several dozen members of the group.  Those who weren’t arrested fled overseas.  The story of the Brotherhood is one of the strangest chapters of American counter-cultural history, yet 40 years after its inception during the so-called Summer of Love, it’s one that remains little-understood and, outside the confines of Laguna Canyon, all but unknown.
That fact isn’t completely coincidental.  Many people associated with the Brotherhood continue to live underground, believing they could end up in jail if authorities learn their true identities.  Several members of the group lived under assumed names until the mid-1990s, when they were finally tracked down and arrested.  Meanwhile, other people who weren’t really in the Brotherhood have made a career out of hyping a self-proclaimed connection.


Orange sunshine (trailer 11 min)


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