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CIA’s Secret War in Europe

Did the CIA abduct, torture and hold men prisoner on European soil? President Bush recently acknowledged that the CIA has operated secret prisons. What happened in these secret prisons in Europe? Filmmakers Arnaud Muller and Steve Baumann conduct their own investigation around a European Parliament inquiry to help answer these troubling questions.

When several CIA airplanes suspiciously land in northern Poland, it raises questions about CIA activities in Europe. In Macedonia, a German citizen claims he was abducted and held prisoner in Kabul for five months by U.S. agents. Is there evidence these strange activities took place? The CIA’s Secret War provides proof, for the first time, that these abductions and confinements are no coincidence, but the result of political decisions to use information obtained through torture in countries where torture is standard practice.

Taking viewers into the heart of a troubling European parliamentary inquiry-an inquiry that in many ways parallels Canada’s own Maher Arar inquiry-The CIA’s Secret War sparks a debate on the role of democratic nations in the “war on terror”. The CIA’s Secret War is directed by Arnaud Muller and Steve Baumann.


CIA’s Secret War in Europe


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