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Terence McKenna


Terence McKenna – Shamanic Approaches to the UFO

recording of McKenna giving a talk about his take on the UFO phenomena.

Terence McKenna – Seeking the Stone Part1+2

An eloquent perspective by Terence McKenna on the idea of a spiritual path for all and an impending transformation of the human world. In his singularly lucid, prosaic style, McKenna presents profoundly compelling ideas that challenge our beliefs and encourage our participation in the creation of a new social reality. He champions the individual’s freedom of choice in deciding one’s own sexual and spiritual development and techniques. He highlights the role of hallucinogenic plants in shamanic societies and their impact on the evolution of human cultures. See why this cyber-techno-shaman is drawing freethinking crowds wherever he speaks and find out what role you may play in the unfolding of our “post-historical future” as we approach a major “concresence” in human history.

Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake speak on Morphogenetic Field Theory A morphogenetic field (a subset of morphic field) is a hypothetical biological (and potentially social) field that contains the information necessary to shape the exact form of a living thing, as part of its epigenetics, and may also shape its behaviour and coordination with other beings (see also morphogenesis). This hypothesis is not accepted by the scientific community, who consider it pseudoscientific

Terence McKenna – Psychedelic Society
Terence McKenna – On Conspiracies
A tribute to McKenna
Mind Food of the Gods
collected works by and about
Terence McKenna

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