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Timothy Leary – The man who turned on America

In 1967 Dr Timothy Leary was dubbed ‘the most dangerous man in America’. This program delves into the strange life of Leary and explores whether he believed his own rhetoric about psychedelic drugs, and what effect they had on him.

The man who turned on america (49 min)

How to operate your brain

Timothy Leary made this video, How to Operate your Brain more than a decade ago. The 28 minute 58 second video was produced by Chris Graves. It is the best in a series of multimedia documentaries Leary made in his desire to get his message out in a form where it could be understood non-verbally as well as verbally.


Politically Incorrect on LSD with guest Robert Anton Wilson

Politically Incorrect with host Bill Maher discusses LSD and Timothy Leary with guests Robert Anton Wilson (last minute fill-in for an ill Leary), Michelle Phillips, David Cross, and Bob Guccione Jr.

Was Timothy Leary Right? | TIME magazine

Timothy Leary Interview 1984


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